Freqently Asked Questions

& Policies

1. How far in advance to book a cleaning service appointment with De Hygienique?

You are recommended to call our Customer Service at least 5 working days in advance to reserve your cleaning service appointment.

2. Are your cleaning services safe for young children and old folks?

De Hygienique uses natural and chemical safe cleaning products that are proven safe for everyone. In fact, many of our customers have medical histories for allergy problems. These customers were recommended by their doctors to engage De Hygienique’s services to support their allergy management practices.

3. Am I able to sleep on my mattress immediately after cleaning?

Yes. Our mattress cleaning treatment is 100% dry. So, your mattress can be used immediately after service.

4. Can I walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning?

Yes. We use moist natural compound to clean carpet. As carpet is not soaked with liquid during cleaning, carpet dries very fast. In fact, carpet can still be walked on during carpet cleaning treatment.

5. Does your anti dustmite treatment help my allergies?

Our services do not treat allergy symptoms. De Hygienique’s dust mite treatment helps to reduce the amount of dust mite that thrives in the furnishing – an allergy management practice recommended by medical doctors.

6. How long does it take for my sofa to dry after cleaning?

Light soiling sofa typically dries within 2 hours after cleaning. Heavy soiling sofa will require longer drying time as we need to apply more shampoo.

7. Do we provide cleaning services on weekends and public holidays?

Our regular working hours is between 9.00 am to 6.00pm, Monday to Saturday, excluding Public Holidays.

8. Can you remove blood stains and water marks?

De Hygienique would always try our best to remove as much stains as we can. However, we are unable to promise all stain can be fully removed. Effectiveness of stain removal depends on the nature of the stains.

9. Can you remove urine on handmade carpet / rugs?

Yes. De Hygienique’s carpet cleaning service uses enzyme odor removal treatment to remove biological soiling on carpet and rugs. This treatment is chemical safe, effective and safe to all users.

10. Can your mattress cleaning remove bed bugs?

No. De Hygienique advise customers to contact your preferred pest control company to treat bed bugs problems.

Please Contact The Clean Team for any further questions.